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A Plan For You!

Board Meal Plans

Campus residents are required to have a meal plan (i.e. board plan). First-year students are required to be on the Standard meal plan during the fall semester. The Standard plan is assigned for all residents, unless a different plan has been approved by the Housing Office.

No meal plan is required for commuters residing off-campus on their own or at the Ocean View Apartments.

Types of plans for dining on campus:

  1. Standard plan (comprising 96% of all campus residents)
    The Standard plan allows students to access the Dining Commons as often as they want each week during regular operating hours and to eat as much as they want at the Dining Commons.

  2. 15 plan (costs $100 less for entire semester than the Standard plan)

  3. 10 plan (costs $200 less for entire semester than the Standard plan)

The 15 plan and 10 plan allow students to access the Dining Commons up to that number of times each week, during regular operating hours. Unused access does not carryover to the following week(s). These plans cost a little less than the Standard plan, but offer less flexibility. For example, access for a quick snack or beverage uses up one of the 15 or 10 allowable entrances.

For more information on meal plans and enrollment, contact the Housing Office.

All purchases made with Flex Dollars or Munch Money receive a 10% discount at the register

Flex Dollars

Flex Dollars are included in meal plans ($30 per semester) and are used to purchase food and snacks at The Study or The DC. One Flex Dollar is the equivalent of one US Dollar. Flex Dollars carry over from Fall to Spring semester if you are continuously enrolled in a meal plan.  Flex Dollars do not remain on your account if you attend an away semester, move off campus, or withdraw. Flex Dollars carry over to the May term if you are registered by the Friday of Spring finals week. Remaining Flex Dollars are forfeited every year when you leave for the summer.

Munch Money

All individuals associated with the College can purchase items at any Dining Services location. Munch Money differs from FLEX Dollars in that the purchaser need not be on a meal plan, and Munch Money dollars carry over from year to year and are not forfeited unless you graduate or withdraw. All students, faculty and staff with a valid identification number can accrue and deposit money on the system. Munch money is easy to add and can be done daily by visiting the cashiers at The Study or The DC. Payments to Munch Money accounts can be made by cash, check, or credit card.

Dining Commons Seconds Policy

You never have to be too shy to ask for seconds with our Campus Dining Program.  Our generous policy allows for a second helping of most menu items.  All you have to do is ask!  Some exceptions apply.

Dietary Needs

Do you have a special diet or allergy? Our Campus Dining Services Program can accommodate your special dietary requirements.  For more information, please contact Kevin O’Dowd at 805-565-6082.

*Remember: Meal Cards are non-transferable.  Meal cards cannot be used by anyone but the purchaser.

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